A dynamic, young enterprise staffed with personnel with over twenty years’ experience in the sectors of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and process cooling.

For every project we propose solutions of high efficiency, minimizing the environmental impact of our customer’s systems and guaranteeing the minimum CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Our mission is to ensure the maximum quality of our services at all times, whether they are concerned with food conservation or complex industrial cooling processes. At Refteco our customers’ expectations and those of the end users are our main concern and that means that we will always offer the most appropriate solution, insuring optimized investments, minimum environmental impact and maximum efficiency.

“We always look for advanced solutions, to ensure high product and services quality to our customers”.


Whether standard or special, our products are designed through the use of the most modern technological and information technologies. Our background of solid technical skills enables us to focus constantly on product innovation.



We are committed to handling and solving every type of problem promptly and professionally, in our customer’s best interests whether they need specially designed solutions or can select standard products from our vast catalogue.


We ensure the quality of our products, selecting only parts and materials of certified reliability and following with the maximum attention to every stage of the production cycle and to the design, construction and testing off all the main product parts.



Our goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs in every way. We offer a series of support services not only for the clients but also for the engineers and installers of every stage and during the entire life cycle of the project. Our after-sales staff is always willing and able to provide answers and rapid, qualified solutions to every type of problem.


Extreme flexibility, continuous study and research on new products, and our long experience enable us to accept more and more ambitious challenges, placing us in the foreground in a constantly changing market.

We are at your disposal for further informations.