Shock freezer REBFT

New line of blast freezers for fast freezing of meat, fish, ice cream and ready to serve meals in tunnels where it’s required high cooling capacity in a limited space. This range of fast freezers is designed especially when the food is deposited on trolleys, because it grants perfect food cooling . This blast freezer line is equipped with fan motors that provides additional air static pressure to grant a fast and uniform food cooling, adjustable legs for easy adjusting of evaporator height and removable panels for easy maintenance.

Direct expansion evaporators REBFT

Glycol air coolers RGBFT

Ammonia evaporators RABFT

CO2 evaporators RBBFT

Main product features


  • Blast freezers suitable for fluid refrigerants HFC’s, glycol, NH3 and CO2
  • Over than 120 different models
  • Cooling capacity from 20 to 90 kW (SC3 conditions)
  • Fans diameter 630 – 710 mm
  • Fin spacing 6 – 8 – 10 -12 mm
  • Casing manufactured from galvanized steel with powder coating
  • Heat exchanger: The coil is equipped with suspending tubes system that avoid the contact between tubes and frame and it provides full protection of the heat exchanger against vibration and thermal expansion. The heat exchanger configuration provides excellent heat transfer and few defrosting cycles.
  • Defrost: electric, hot gas, water, hot glycol, combined defrosts
  • Options: Stainless steel tubes, stainless steel casing, stainless steel fins, coil coating, special fans with high static pressure, ATEX fans, insulated drip tray, fans ring heaters.
  • Special configurations please contact our sales department


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