For this project relative to cooling of process fluids in refinery PKN ORLEN, we have supplied a liquid cooler and a radiator, both complete of fans speed controller voltage regulator, electric switchboard and casing powder painted C4 class. Indeed, considering that the installation is made in a petrochemical industry, all the casing must be resistant to aggressive atmosphere: for this reason, we have decided to realize the box of dashboards in stainless steel and to choose C4 class for the painted casings of both the units.
For the dry cooler RDLD, we have also foreseen spray adiabatic cooling system, in order to manage any possible temperature peak during the summer without compromise the performances of plant.
Instead, about the radiator RPS, considering that the fluid to cool is aggressive for copper, the customer has required to realize the coil with pipes in stainless steel AISI 316L. The fans were installed with blowing configuration in order to avoid that the motors are damaged from the high air outlet temperature.

Country / Town:
Poland/ Płock

Business segment:
Petrochemical industry

Cooling of process fluids

Plant capacity:
1231 kW

Ethylene Glycol and high temperature water

1 x RDLD 08012 D6DV AD dry cooler with fans speed controller, electric switchboard and adiabatic spray system
1 x RPS 0633 B4DV radiator with fans speed controller, electric switchboard blowing fans and stainless steel pipes/strong>