For this project, we have supplied air coolers and low temperature freon evaporators that have been installed in cold rooms for storage of fresh and frozen food.
The units realized for -20 °C chambers have been supplied complete of electric defrost, fan ring heaters, insulated drip tray, shut up and insulated inlet hood. These evaporators are purposely realized for low temperatures cold rooms: to foresee shut up and insulate inlet hood grants, during the defrost, permits to maintain the heat and the humidity inside the unit, increasing the efficiency of the process, limiting the rise of temperature in the cold room and avoiding the problem of the potential frost formation on the ceiling near to the evaporator.
All the condensers have aluminium epoxy coated fins: this treatment grants a good degree of protection against saline atmosphere considering that the distribution center was realized near to Murmansk harbour, close to the sea.

Country / Town:

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Distribution center

Plant capacity:
283 kW

Freon R507

10 x single flow evaporators REC and REIS, 1 x condenser RCS and 3 x condensers RCVD with aluminium epoxy coated fins