For these storage cold rooms of a Greek leader in production and distribution of potato chips and snacks, we have supplied, for the improvement of existing plant, two evaporators for low temperature cold rooms with double circuit.
To install coils with two equal imbricate circuits permits to have high cooling capacities with only one unit when the spaces are small, but keeping the safety that we have with a double plant.
Indeed, in the storage cold room frozen products with medium and large dimensions, it is habit to foresee always at minimum two evaporators in order to grant the fulfillment of temperature also in the case of failure on one of the units. When the spaces are too small as in this case, in order to grant the reliability of the plant, it is possible to install only one evaporator with one coil with two circuits completely independent each other.

Country / Town:
Greece/Agios Stefanos

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Storage cold room

Plant capacity:
239 kW

Freon R507

2 x single flow evaporators REIL