LOGISTIC CENTER, Anzola dell’Emilia

For this project relating to the restoration of a big logistic center for the large-scale distribution, we have supplied CO2 evaporators that were installed in low temperature cold rooms for storage of frozen products.
The units have replaced existing evaporators of another contractor, they that have problems of frost e performances not adequate. Hot glycol defrost foreseen in these units has shown to be a very satisfying solution for the customer both for pratical and energetic point of view. Indeed, the end user has noticed, after one month of functioning at full load, the total absence of ice both in the drip tray and in the coil, verifying the high efficiency of this type of defrost. And he has also improved the energetic efficiency of plant thanks to the thermal recovery.

Country / Town:
Italy/ Anzola dell’Emilia (BO)

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Cold room for frozen products and area for order preparation

Plant capacity:
793 kW

CO2 and Temper

19 x CO2 evaporators RBIS with hot glycol defrost, n. 2 CO2 evaporators RBCT, n. 6 air coolers RGDI and n. 2 desuperheaters for CO2 RKS