For this project, we have supplied freon evaporators, that have been installed in cold rooms for storage of fresh and frozen food and in the pre-cold room.
REFBOX are the combination of condenser and box and they can be considered a smart solution for compact chillers and condensing units assembling. In the box can be easily installed compressors, main electrical panel, economizer, etc. while below the air cooled condenser it is possible to install the liquid receiver.
The evaporator installed in the pre-cold room is double flow: this type of unit is mainly designed for spaces with presence or transit of people because, thanks to their configuration, they grant adequate ventilation avoiding that the air flow run over and bother the employees.

Country / Town:

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Confectionery industry

Plant capacity:
65 kW

Freon R507

5 x freon evaporators REC, REDC and REIS, 2 x REFBOX with condensers RCS