PRODUCTION ROOM, Les Lucs sur Boulogne

For this project relative to cooling of a production room for the preparation of ready-cooked fish dishes, we have supplied one double flow evaporator with coil and casing fully in stainless steel AISI316L execution. Indeed, this type of material grants the best resistance to aggressive ambients like where the fish is worked and where it is usually normal employ, to wash the surfaces, chemical products that are corrosive for copper, aluminium and galvanized steel.
Moreover, the 6 poles fans grant low noise level in order to not disturb the people who works in the ambient.

Country / Town:
France/Les Lucs sur Boulognetrong>

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Production fish room

Plant capacity:
30,5 kW


1 x evaporator REDI 0633 H6A6D in stainless steel AISI316L and 6 poles fans