For this project, we have supplied air coolers and low temperature CO2 evaporators that were installed in cold rooms for storage of fresh and frozen food.
The units realized for -25 °C chambers are made for installation in niche and for this reason they are equipped with legs of support, big drip tray for water defrost, horizontal coil and fans with high static pressure. These evaporators are purposely realized for low temperatures cold rooms and to use water defrost is the best solution because of the high efficiency.
To employ CO2 as refrigerant means to prefer a solution eco-friendly because it is a natural fluid with GWP equal to 1.
The order also included the supply of 4 condensers with EC fans for the chiller cooling the glycol for the cold rooms.

Country / Town:
Italy/Mosciano (TE)

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Distribution center

Plant capacity:
1546 kW

Ethylene glycol, CO2

16 x double flow air coolers, 16 x single flow air coolers, 2 x CO2 evaporators RBF 0913 P10W4D, 4 x condensers RCVD 09010 B6D EC