This project required the refrigeration of premises in which salmon had to be processed. We supplied two-way flow evaporators which could be installed on the ceiling, in which the batteries were treated with cataphoresis. This special treatment ensures high resistance to the corrosion due to the type of aggressive saline atmosphere encountered at this site. Protection of the finned battery is complete, as the heat exchanger is completely immersed in an electrolyte bath. In this way, the paint film uniformly coats all the surfaces with which it comes into contact, completely protecting the pipes, fins and framework of the battery.

Country / Town:
Scotland / Kinlochverbie

Business segment:
Industrial refrigeration

Fish processing industry

Plant capacity:
143 kW


6 x REDC 0354 D4E4S and 4 x REDC 0354 C4E4S evaporators with cataphoresis coating on the coil and electric defrost